Very decorative shrub berries

L’winter, n’is the period that offers more flowers to our garden, but it is likely to give way to beautiful colors.
Many of’the shrubs’happy peculiarity to adorn beautiful colored berries that brighten and decorate the garden.

The berry bushes:

C’is a festival of color that’it is possible to create by choosing plants whose foliage turns into a real pearl shrub.

  • The berries are very active in feeding winter wildlife including birds who relish the fruit when food is scarce.
  • You create an enabling environment to accommodate the birds in your garden, which is a beautiful sight and also participates in the preservation of the’ecosystem.

The most beautiful berry bushes:

  • The holly will surprise you with its unique foliage and bright red berries, while giving you the’opportunity to create surprising decorations during the holidays.
  • The Oregon grape and beautiful yellow clusters will light your clumps’shrubs
  • L’hawthorn will seduce you with its berries and foliage with varying shades.
  • Practical and aesthetic side, we find the elderberry whose fruit is used to make even very good jams and’attract birds with their almost black.
  • There is also the’must cotoneaster whose red berries advantageously cover the foliage of’shrub throughout the’winter, as the Burning Bush, that’Pyracantha is also called.
  • Finally,’arbutus, as beautiful as a hedge that’isolated, offers beautiful white berries throughout the’winter.

The berry bushes have you l’have understood the virtues that few of their peers have.
They decorate, bring smiles and loyalty wildlife in your garden.
Here are great ideas plantations to give your garden a beautiful shine space of’until autumn’early spring!

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