Dahlia unique flowers in the garden

Dahlia is a beautiful flower bulb.

L’maintenance, planting to flowering through the winter conservation are all actions that will help you have beautiful dahlias.

Name : Dahlia
Family : Asteraceae
Type: Bulbous

: 20 to 150 cm depending on species
Exposure: Sunlight
Ground: Enriched Ordinary

Flowering: June to October

Planting dahlias:

Plant the bulbs of dahlias:

  • Tubers (bulbs) Dahlia ideally planted in April and May, after all risk of frost.
    Plant them at a depth of 5-10 cm respecting a spacing of 80 to 100 cm between each tuber,
    because the dahlia has need sun and loves to be at ease!

Dahlia seedlings:

  • By planting prefer seedling in pot in the month of March transplant in April and put in the ground in May.
  • Multiplication division of tubers in the spring.

Size, maintenance of dahlias:

  • Remove faded flowers to As.
  • Once the stems completely faded, cut to the shortest.
  • Dahlias withstand temperatures of’order of -5 to -10 °.
    In winter, it is important’protect the feet with a plant mulch.
  • If you are afraid of severe frosts:
    At the beginning of’Winter, go tubers after the first frost and store them in a dry place and protected from light until’the following spring.

Watering dahlias:

The dahlia is quite strong but gladly appreciate d’be watered prolonged drought,

  • Water dahlias without wetting the foliage. This prevents any risk of disease.
  • Water preferably in the evening to avoid’evaporation and also conserve’water.

Prolong flowering dahlias in’Fall:

It is possible to prolong flowering dahlias, beyond the’summer, sometimes up’at the end of the month’October.

  • Bring the’fertilizer for flowering plants once a week until 1’at the end of flowering
  • Remove the faded flowers as to avoid’exhaust the dahlia and promote’arrival of new flowers

Dahlia in winter:

Dahlias do not resistant to heavy frosts.

If you live in an area where there is frequently more than -5 °, he must at all costs to return the bulbs before the first frost.

  • Wait until the foliage has completely faded and cut to 10 cm of soil.
  • Tear rhizomes and dry the
  • Clean with’Using’a brush
  • Keep in a cool, dry and in’Protect from light
  • Plant them out after all risk of frost in the spring.

In other areas, protect your tubers in’Using’mulch of dead leaves for example.

Namely the dahlia:

A native of Mexico, the dahlia is a tuberous plant which has several dozen’species.

This produces the cactus dahlia and semi-cactus, pompon decorative balls, lace or flanged to distinguish as many forms as colors.

This plant offers a diverse range of flowering.
Rise of’a long erect stem, she gives birth to beautiful flowers of many colors.

Dahlia varieties:

Among many’other, there is the l’Aspen, latte, Berliner kleene, Margareth Kleen, Arabian night, bluesette, Mourning King Albert, Bishop of Llandaff, Arabian night, dalia Bonesta or Chantal. But there are many of’others ...

Malignant Council on the dahlia:

When planting, make manure to the soil or organic slow release fertilizer to stimulate the development and flowering.

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