Cyclamen of Naples for a beautiful floral carpet

Cyclamen of Naples stands cyclamen florists for its autumn-flowering perennial and his character.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Cyclamen neapolitum
Family : Primula
Type : Bulb

Flowering : August to October

: 10 to 15 cm
Exposure : Partial shade, undergrowth
Ground : Light and well drained

Here here culture cyclamen florists d like plant’inside

Planting cyclamen Naples

Naples planting cyclamen bulbs:

It is recommended to plant the bulbs of cyclamen spring or end of’summer or the early’autumn.

  • Prefer partially shaded areas as below d’a shaft or the edge of’house to house’east or north
  • Space each bulb 10 to 20 cm and bury approximately 5-6 cm deep
  • A little trick is to lay the bulbs by hand randomly and plant them where they fell

He s’uses pot, planter, but also in semi-shaded massif.
In all cases, not superficially cover the bulb soil mixed with compost.

For cyclamen flower already purchased, make sure that’there is training courses buttons for c’is’assurance of’have a prolonged flowering.

Cyclamen seedlings of Naples:

The Seeding is fairly easy. Simply get the seeds when the capsules s’open and put them in soil pots.

  • Soak the seeds beforehand several hours in the’lukewarm water to’accelerate germination
  • Know that’Once in the ground, cyclamen Naples tends to sow spontaneously alone
  • This cyclamen and quickly form a carpet of flowers

Pruning and maintenance of cyclamen Naples

No maintenance’is necessary, but you can, if you wish, remove withered or yellow flowers as.

  • To do this, remove the’entire rod carrying the flower by a small rotation and pulling sharply
  • Do not remove the foliage before that’it is faded risk not see your cyclamen flower again
  • To’have a spectacular flowering add 1 to week of’fertilizer for flowering plants.

Watering Cyclamen of Naples:

L’natural watering by rain should be enough unless strong heat or prolonged drought.

If’summer was dry and you feel that your cyclamens are struggling to get out, n’Please accompany some watering.

Problems and common diseases of cyclamen Naples

The the cyclamen leaves dry:

  • C’is like if they had burned. He s’is d’too much sun, protect your plants from sunlight.

The leaves wilt :

  • If your plant is frown c’is often in an excess’spray

The cyclamen leaves turn yellow prematurely :

  • Bring it to the’fertilizer, c’is undoubtedly linked to a lack of food, especially for potted cyclamen

The flowers lose their luster :

  • If they seem a little pale, remove got progressively faded flowers and bring the’1 fertilizer once a week.
  • The bulbs can be renewed every 5 years approximately

Malignant Council on the cyclamen:

A contribution of’organic fertilizer Regular special flowering plants largely promote the development of the plant and its flowering.

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