Grow aromatic

Easy to grow and cook, aromatic can be installed everywhere, both in the garden and in the solid or bins planters.

Focus on some essential.


We like it with sauerkraut and salmon! Thedill requires well-drained soil and sun. It reproduces by seed.


Sow the seeds basil under shelter in February-March, transplant in the ground in mid-May. Basil likes fertile, light soil, sun and heat. Cut the tip so that it branches out and prevent it flourish. Keep its leaves in the olive oil to enjoy in winter.


Its spring onion taste is irresistible! There chive thrives in fertile soil, fresh and drained. It reproduces by seed and division of clumps.


There coriander brings an oriental touch to vegetable dishes, meats and salads. Sow it directly in the ground. In summer, water it and protect it from the sun to avoid bolting.


Delicious with grilled meats and fish, tarragon flourishes in humus, acidic soil. It reproduces by seeds or division of clumps. Fold the feet fall.


Raw or cooked, it is an indispensable kitchen. Equally at home in the sun to partial shade, the parsley like drained, fertile soils.


The thyme appreciates the drained soil and sun. Grow two to three plants for four. It reproduces by seed or cuttings summer. Fold it in winter.


There mint is the only aromatic with lemon balm and chervil who enjoys partial shade, all others need sun! Be careful it can become very invasive, if you do not have much room to the garden, it is better to grow pot. It reproduces by division of clumps.


Ideal for grilling up, pickles and tomato sauces, rosemary needs sun and likes dry soils. It reproduces by seed and summer cuttings.


Although useful in sauces and teas, the sage supports calcareous soils. It reproduces by seeds and layering and falls at the end of winter.

Visual credits: © Botanic / Arnaud Childeric