Melon you need to know

Melon is a tasty and deliciously scented fruit.

Culture, seeding or planting to harvesting deserves some advice.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Cucumis melo
Family : Cucurbit
Type : Vegetable

: 20 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rich and well drained

Harvest : July-October

Sowing, planting melon:

The melon is sown March-June, tunneling to or indoors for a mid-July to mid-October harvest.

If you choose to plant your potted melons from February, you can put in place by the mid-May in the south and June in northern.

The seedlings in the ground is possible in the south in a mixture of compost and manure.

  • Choose warm and sunny.
  • Prefer a soil rich and deep, Enrich if need compost.
  • Keep a spacing of 80 cm to 1 m between each plant.

Size melon:

Once the plant has formed 3-5 leaves, must be cut head pinching the main stem to promote the’appearance of new branches.

Then, as soon as new stems will be formed, perform the same operation over the third sheet.

When the melon is in turn formed, cut above the sheet located after the fruit.

Melon Harvest:

About 2 months after transplanting, pick the well-trained and colorful fruits.

A knowledge-melon:

Melon you need to knowTo improve the development of your melons, bring a high potash fertilizer.
A sunny exposure will encourage fruiting.

L’Watering should be regular but limited, to keep the soil cool but certainly not flooded.

Do not wet the foliage to d’prevent the spread of diseases including mushrooms ..

Diseases common in the melon:

  • L’powdery mildew : Melon leaves get covered’a white mold down
  • Mildew : Brown spots appear on the leaves of melon

Malignant Council on melon:

Attention to wet foliage since the melon is very sensitive to mildew.
It is better for that water the foot only avoid wetting the leaves.