Grow flowers to eat

Some plants are both decorative and edible. Do not wait to savor.

In some plants, everything eats. This is the case of Daylilies : Plant them in the spring, they grow with such luxuriance that you can enjoy in the summer. Enjoy young leaves blanched accompanied by dressing or mixed with other vegetables. The flowers are edible bleached or fried in oil with Chinese noodles. But they are still best if you eat them raw and unadorned.

Sprinkle your worries garden, they will bloom until frost. These flowers are beautifully colored sun in a salad to color. You can confire buds in vinegar. Use the dried petals like saffron rice or to flavor desserts.

Edible exotic herbs

Sow from late frosts marigolds "Lucida" (family marigolds) In a sunny and sheltered from the wind. Enjoy a slender plant with many small yellow flowers and bright. Leaves and flowers added to your hot dishes just before serving bring a similar scent to that oftarragon.

Combine them in culture and brède Mafane purple basil These three plants are complementary in color and so the plate Wreak brède Mafane in May, mulch and that's all. The more you harvest the terminal shoots, the plant is more productive. At the table, this herb will surprise you with its sparkling hand, used in many Malagasy and Asian recipes.

Nasturtiums in the salad

Grow stonecrop (sedum Telephium) in a sunny location: fleshy leaves can be chewed as an aperitif, accompanied by a white cheese sauce.

If you have never eaten your nasturtiums, do it right the first new flowers! Taste them natural, to feel their slightly peppery flavor. You can use leaves and flowers in salads or donuts.

Think also of primroses, purple, thoughts, roses, Flowers lavender, borage ... So many beautiful varieties in the garden ... and in the plate!

M.-C. H.