Among the first crocuses bloom

Crocuses are great little flowers that bloom at the end of’winter or in’fall depending on the variety.

Planting and’maintenance are small gestures which, although successful enhance flowering.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Crocus
Family : Iridaceae
Type: Bulb Spring

: 10/15 cm
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : Winter or Fall

Planting crocus:

There are two flowering periods corresponding to different species. L’species which gives saffron s’calls Crocus sativus.

It is recommended to plant in the fall bulbs species that bloom at the end of’winter and plant in early’summer species of flowering bulbs to’autumn.

Keep a depth of 4/5 inch and proceed with tuft’about 20-30 bulbs minimum.

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Pruning and maintenance of crocus:

At the end of flowering, wait for the yellowing foliage before cutting because c’is when the flower holds its reserves for the next flowering.

If you planted your crocus in the middle of the lawn, wait crocuses wilted before mowing.

Namely crocus on:

This bulbous plant is remarkable for beauty of its flowers variegated blue and purple, that’often found in the middle’a lawn or under trees.

They come perfectly highlight the garden at the end of’winter or in’fall when you incorporate several clumps large enough to form real tasks.

Malignant Council on crocuses:

Lawn, crocus multiplies d’year on year’another, but this requires avoid passing the mower before the leaves are wilted ...

D’other bulbous plants spring:

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