Create a flowering hedge

It protects us from view and creates a certain intimacy, it isolates the wind and protects our garden.

Flowering hedge has many benefits and can even become very decorative.

At’Unlike the persistent hedge, Flowering hedge will be composed of both’deciduous shrubs that persistent.

C’Thus the’assurance of’great diversity, both aesthetically and biologically.

  • Find beautiful shrubs for the establishment of’a flowering hedge

What shrubs to a flowering hedge?

Here is a selection’shrubs favorite to use for creating’a flowering hedge:

Create a flowering hedge
From May until’at the end of’summer,’Escallonia offers beautiful flowers from red to pink depending on the variety.
The Ceanothus
Create a flowering hedge
The generous flowering as early as May of this shrub is a must-flowering hedges.
The mock
Create a flowering hedge
Abundant and beautiful flowering in May / June
Create a flowering hedge
Superb flowering, generous and abundant, from early spring until’in early’summer.
Create a flowering hedge
This evergreen shrub has lovely edible fruits during flowering, which lasts for’August to November. A small wink’Mediterranean eye.
L’orange Mexico
Create a flowering hedge
Beautiful white flowers in the month of’April and tender green throughout the’year.
Create a flowering hedge
The sparkly yellow, almost gold, this shrub gives light from the very beginning of spring!
Create a flowering hedge
The dark green foliage of the broom is spectacular with its many small fragrant flowers’April-June Maritime atmosphere guaranteed!
Create a flowering hedge
Also called Butterfly Bush, this shrub enchanted by the beauty of its flowers, but also the scent that’it gives off. Easy to grow, flowering enchant you up’in early’fall.
  • Find beautiful shrubs for the establishment of’a flowering hedge

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