Sweetgum dAmrique a very ornamental tree

Sweetgum d’America is a tree known for its beautiful shaped leaves’star and its shades of yellow, orange and bright red to’fall.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Liquidambar styraciflua
Family : Hamamelidaceae
Type : Tree

: 8 to 35 m
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Exposure : Sunlight
Foliage : Deciduous

Planting of sweetgum’America:

It is recommended plant sweetgum d’America to’autumn to promote’rooting before’winter.

You can also plant spring the sweetgum purchased container.

Note that the size of sweet gum’America is variable and can range from 8 to 35 m depending on the species and growing conditions.

  • Therefore prefer a isolated and open area to enjoy its beautiful silhouette.
  • Sweetgum d’America needs’a sunny location to give the best of him.
  • Sweetgum like deep, but please in all types of land, provided that’it is well drained.
  • Good Mulching protect the last spring frost and keep cool soil in summer.

Size of sweetgum’America:

Sweetgum d’America does not need any size unless you can not do otherwise.

  • Its natural silhouette, slender and tapered is the best asset of the sweetgum’America
  • Remove dead branches in the spring, fragile or damaged.

Watering of sweetgum’America:

During the first 2 years after planting, water your sweetgum regularly, especially in case of drought and high temperatures.

Once installed, sweetgum normally draws its water needs in the ground, without the need of’watering.

Namely the sweetgum d’America:

Originating’North American sweetgum d’America is a very ornamental tree also provides a recognized quality wooden cabinet making. It is also widely known under the name of sweetgum.

Also extracted from its timber and fruit called a resin balsam sweetgum or Balsam of Peru the Cherokee Indians used as chewing gum and who now s’rather used as a tea for its beneficial properties to the respiratory level, anti-diarrheal and against stress.

Sweetgum d’America is also a marvel at’autumn with its purple hues that illuminate the garden of a thousand lights.

Note that if your d sweetgum’America did not bear fruit c’is that’he s’is certainly of’sterile cultivar called Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Rotundiloba’ which was created to prevent fruit, very slippery when’they are broken, causing accidents in parking lots or along the roads.

Sweetgum d’America will never bear fruit for 25 years.

Malignant Council on the sweetgum d’America:

Growth is relatively slow.

L’contribution of’fertilizer but does not promote, however, a regular amendment based manure and seaweed actively assist in the orderly development of’shaft.