A small flower crocus rediscover

Colchicum, crocus or d’Autumn is a very pretty little flower bulb that blooms from early’until autumn’the first winter frosts.

Easy’interview, she likes the sun to light the’shade.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Colchicum autumnale
Family : Lily
Type : Bulbous

Height : 10 to 20 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : September-November

Planting crocus:

The crocus is a perennial bulb easy to plant and to flourish’year.

Plant the bulbs in the month of July to September about 10-15 cm deep, respecting the same distance between each bulb.

The crocuses are plants that can be seamlessly integrated into ground cover.

  • It is smart to’make small batches’ten color to create as many tasks.
  • Prefer a sunny or partially shaded for better flowering

If crocus and crocuses resemble those are plants of different families.

Maintenance colchicum:

Easy’maintenance and easy to grow, colchicum requires very little care and blooms profusely in’fall.

C’is’A major benefit of colchicum, c’is that’it requires no maintenance and is naturalized quickly in your garden.

After flowering, wait until the leaves are wilted completely before cutting it or leave it in place undisturbed, c’is even better.

  1. Watering after a very dry summer and autumn crocus can restart.
  2. Regular hoeing around flowers allows to enjoy wider flowering.

Diseases and parasites that affect colchicum:

The crocus is a plant that hardly fear any disease or parasite.

The only problems that may occur are slugs and snails but the damage are often very limited.

Namely the colchicum:

A small flower crocus rediscoverColchicum from Turkey and’Iran, in a hundred’species worldwide. Particularly toxic, it is also known as Killer dog toxicity can be lethal to animals.

This bulbous which gave its name to a famous air, Crocuses bloom in the meadows, flower ...! is ideal for borders, but also under the trees that’they will perfectly highlights.

The song’made him famous, but this flower was once the’one of the most widespread.

L’colchicum traditionally indicates the arrival of end of’summer but its pretty white flowers, purple, pink, lilac or purple make us forget that’Autumn is coming ...

The output of colchicum is very fast and indeed often the brand’arrival of’fall. We sing of’Moreover: Colchique in the meadows, c’is the end of the’summer.

Malignant Council on colchicum:

Do nothing, colchicum perfectly grows by itself to’year after year!

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