Cucumber and gherkin cultivation tips-1

Cucumbers and pickles are actually the same vegetables harvested at different stages. They have an easy culture conditions follow a few rules.

L’maintenance, planting to harvest, so requires some care needed to cultivate them.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Cucumis sativus
Family : Cucurbit
Type : Vegetable annual

: 0.5 to 2 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary but well drained

Harvest 3 to 4 months after sowing from May to October.

Seeding and planting cucumber:

Cucumber seedlings and gherkins:

Perform seedling planting hole with 3 seeds per pot of March-June.
Transplant in the ground at May and not before because the risk of frost still remain.

  • Maintain a distance of 80 cm between each plant.

Plants cucumbers or pickles ready to plant:

If you buy directly from cucumber plants, plant them the ground after all risk of frost, from the middle of May.

Size, cucumber interview:

  • Cucumbers flat (for a crop in the ground):
    Pinch over the second sheet and wait two rods are formed. We then clamp the last 2 after the 4th leaf, then every other branch size to a sheet on top of each fruit.
  • Cucumbers cut on a single rod (for greenhouse cultivation)
    Grow a main stem up to about 2 m high, then pinch it: will thus reveal lateral branches between each sheet that’called "greedy".
    Then the greedy are regularly removes and developed fruit on main stem, from the ground to about 0.70 cm.
  • Pickles:
    No other size is necessary that the toe of the head above the second sheet.
    Should be regularly pick fruit since overcharging dampen production.

Namely on cucumber:

Originating’Asia, which can be as rampant vine, this plant is exactly the same for the production of cucumbers and gherkins.

She loves heat and therefore requires regular but limited watering.

Common disease in cucumber:

  • L’Powdery Mildew: Cucumber leaves get covered’a white mold blankets.
  • Mildew: brown spots appear on cucumber leaves.

Avoid to do is wetting the foliage. This plant is very susceptible to disease, particularly in’powdery mildew, you avoid appearing watering only the foot of the plant.

Malignant Council on cucumber:

Prefer planting in hot weather to stimulate rapid growth.