The tree quince quince-1

The quince is a beautiful fruit, lovely fruit bearer called quince.

L’maintenance, size and planting are all actions that improve fruiting.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Cydonia ablongua
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Tree orchard

5 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rather rich, well drained

: Deciduous
Flowering : Spring
Harvest : September-November

Plantation Quince:

Like most trees, planting s’effected in’fall to promote’rooting before’Winter and thus get a better return in the spring.

  • Follow us planting tips

Size Quince:

No size n’is required, it n’not improve fruiting.
Remove only dead or diseased branches in as.

Namely on the quince:

This small fruit tree has long been neglected in favor of apple, pear and other cherry.
But its small size, the beauty of its foliage and its silhouette and the taste of the fruit’have revived day with delight!

Easy and virtually maintenance free culture, quince is catching.
He also found a place in a small town garden that’in the middle of the campage, preferably where the climate n’is not too cold.

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Malignant Council on Quince:

At harvest, wait until the fruit is ripe well on’tree because once detached it will grow.
The fruits are fragile and deserve’be handled with care.

Diseases common quince:

  • Moniliasis, pourriturre quinces on the quince
  • L’powdery mildew, white mold on the leaves or brown spots on the fruit