Mealybugs struggle and bio treatment

The mealybug is’One of the most common pests on our plants to’inside.

But it is also found in the garden in late spring, summer or’fall.

Its damage is variable, as far as the form that’it may take to conceal.

Oval, mealybug often covers d’a white or pink clusters giving it a fluffy appearance.
Here on a BEAUCARNEA, it may take slightly different forms depending on the plant.

There are also mealybugs in shells of brown color which resemble small black hulls attached to stems and / or leaves.

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What is the peak season for mealybug infestations?

He n’there has not really suitable time but development conditions. Scale insects like indeed the heat and some moisture.

  • We find throughout the’year on plants of’inside.
  • They are common in spring, summer and up’in early’Autumn in our gardens.
  • They can not grow in winter outside but cleaning infested areas is still recommended.

What are the favorable conditions of reproduction?

As we have said mealybugs like heat and’humidity.

  • They particularly love confined environments, wet and especially high temperatures.
  • A moist indoor or Spraying of regular’water on the foliage accentuates the phenomenon.
  • Similarly, in late spring or early’autumn when temperatures are high enough and that’Outside air is more humid.

The fact’have scales on a plant is often a contagion factor for other plants.

What are the risks for the plant?

Scale insects are to be taken seriously as an attack can definitely condemn your plant.

  • It feeds on the plant sap which thus ends by s’weakening.
  • It alters the proper development and plant growth and can cause the’appearance’a black fungus called fumagine.
  • On fruit such as citrus, mealybugs can affect the harvest or condemn’shaft, if they are not treated in time.

How to fight against mealy bugs?

Mealybugs preventive treatment:

  • For plants of’Inside, make a treatment against scale insects s’until autumn’early spring, 3 to 4 times during this period.

Mealybugs curative treatment:

  • Upon’appearance of cochineal, remove their shells with a cloth soaked in beer, d’90 ° alcohol or’soapy water and treat with anti-mealybugs product.
  • In case of big invasion, burn or made immediately remove the infected branches.

Natural recipe, organic anti cochineal:

The best recipe is to dilute in 1 liter’water, 1 teaspoon of liquid soap, 1 teaspoon of’vegetable oil and 1 teaspoon of’90 ° alcohol.

You spray this solution 1 time per day for 3-4 days.

  • There are also anti-scales based’white oil that have proven effective.
    You will find them in specialty stores.
  • A spray base of manure’Nettles is also effective in case of’attack.
    You can also limit their growth through a jet’Powerful water or cleaning the leaves to’Using’a cloth moistened’alcohol at 90 ° and then rinsing with’clear water.

Attention must early treatment the risk that the plant completely overrun and convicted.

Often affected by the scale plants?

Mealybugs struggle and bio treatmentWe find most of green plants’inside the ficus or’hibiscus, the orchids, roses, but also citrus, the lime, the hydrangeas, the oleander, the lilac, l’olive, the mulberry tree, the gooseberry, the fish, or, more rarely, apple tree.

Note that citrus are particularly vulnerable to mealybugs.

A fast and effective treatment against scale insects allows’avoid contagion of other plants in your home or garden.