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Peach leaf curl is characterized by’appearance of swollen and reddish leaves on a fish.

Preventive treatment is necessary for’avoid.

This fungus (Taphrina deformans) is certainly’the most formidable attack experienced by fish or’apricot and who’often to prevent’have a normal fisheries production.

If the damage can be controlled through a adequate treatment and good time, peach leaf curl may nevertheless result in the total loss of the crop.

Here are our treatment advice against peach leaf curl:

How to recognize peach leaf curl?

This disease mainly affects different varieties of peach but also can achieve’apricot or the’almond.

  • Blisters appear in the spring on the leaves.
  • They take a yellow, orange and red before turning brown and falling off permanently.
  • The twigs and branches are deformed n’longer have a normal appearance.

When treating peach leaf curl?

The fungus responsible for peach leaf curl pass the’winter to’state of spores in the buds and in the hollow formed by the branches.

  • Once the temperature reaches 10 ° the fungi grows by developing a large number of spores
  • Like most fungi, so they appear in rather warm weather, while the’ambient air is still wet.

C’is before this period, the end of’winter and early spring, that’we must act but above to’autumn, when the leaves fall.

  • A first treatment with Bordeaux mixture is necessary after the fall of autumn leaves
  • We must renew’operation from February when temperatures exceed 10 ° following the prescribed doses on’packaging.
  • Then a 3rd spraying is necessary from the’appearance and’outbreak of the 1st buds

Remember that for peach leaf curl nothing replaces preventive treatment, the only effective against the fungus

  • When the peach leaf curl was introduced it is already too late

How to deal with peach leaf curl?


At the time of falling leaves: raking leaves, burn to prevent the disease from happening the’winter in your garden.

  • Then perform a basic spray Bordeaux mixture.
  • This is necessary not to see the blister appear in spring.

In spring,

Perform a clean spray base Bordeaux mixture.

  • The pulverized’set up of leaves’porridge runoff from February-March and up’in May, every 15 days.

What if the blister has appeared?

One can simply avoid the spread of peach leaf curl.

  • It is then necessary to remove the affected leaves, remove the most affected branches and make a new spray-based Bordeaux mixture.

Regular maintenance of fish is needed:

This interview vocation strengthen fruit trees and thus’in improve fruiting.

      • It is therefore important each winter to’perform a size fruiting.
        On fish, we must nevertheless avoid excessive pruning the risk of’weaken’shaft.

      Make organic fertilizer in spring and

      mulch the foot of the’tree

        to protect the roots from frost’winter and heat of’summer.

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