Lgume cultivate delicious celery-1

Celery is a vegetable which is both consumes roots petioles.

Culture, from sowing to harvesting, requires little’maintenance and offers plenty of opportunity for cooking.

Vegetable d’fall and’optimal winter, here are the growing tips.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Apium graveolens
Family : Apiaceae
Type : Vegetable bisanuelle

: 50 to 70 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rich and fees

: Fall

  • Health: Celery benefits and virtues

Planting and sowing celery:

There are 2 large celery families, celery branch whose coasts are consumed, and celeriac which we only consume the root.

The celery can be divided into two families, the green branch celery and celery golden branch.

Planting celery plants:

Planting seedlings already formed is the easiest and most effective way to cultivate celery.

Celery seedlings are planted in the ground from mid-April to early June depending on the climate (wait for the end of the heavy frosts).

  • Each plant spacing of 30 cm in all directions

Ribbed celery seedlings:

He s’performs spring under glass or frame and can be introduced directly in the ground two months later.

As regards the celery ribs, it is important to bind the sheets together for Blanch.

  • Planting should be done in a very light soil with sand and barely covered
  • Celery needs’rich soil to be amended before planting
  • Transplant when lé celery door 2 or 3 sheets

Seedlings of celery root:

Proceed as for celery rib, but when planting in the ground, remove the tip of the main root.

Avoid replant celery in one place before four years to allow the land to recover.

Maintenance celery:

Celery is very intensive organic matter. So to win fertilize the soil with a garden fertilizer during the culture.

Spud and regularly hoe the soil and water in case of extreme heat or prolonged drought the’summer.

  • Water regularly, especially in hot weather because the water needs are important.
  • If the lack of celery’water, it may go to seed

Harvesting celery:

Coast celery Harvest:

S harvest’performed between 6 and 7 months after planting. C’is usually between August and October-November.

Before’in harvesting must blanch

  • Bring all the stems at the center by linking with a mound of earth
  • Bring up the earth’3/4 of their height
  • It can also be strapped celery with opaque plastic

Regarding the’tear, cut the leaves shorter at the end of’summer.

You can dry them and use them as a herb.

Harvest celeriac:

You can pull the celeriac in’Autumn and keep several weeks in a cool place or leave it in the ground and’pull as and when required during’winter.

  • It is preferable to out of the ground before the first frost

Namely on celery:

Here a rich vegetable with numerous virtues for’organization and known for a long time.

Even if’he n’has not always had the same advantages in culinary terms, c’is amending the centuries that’it appears aujourd’hui as a delicious vegetable in cooking.

Moreover, apart from its taste, it is appreciated for its health benefits.

Indeed, celery has detoxifying properties, diuretic, stimulant and digestive health. There is also carminative and stomachic her properties. C’that is,’it facilitates transit at the’intestine and the’stomach.

Malignant Council on celery:

As the leek, celery is a diuretic and digestive aid. It will also provide you with vitamins C!