Lemon pot this is practical

The potted lemon tree is an excellent idea’citrus to grow at home.

L’maintenance, potting waist, allows’improve the lemon harvest while avoiding’disease outbreaks.

The climate in most of our regions n’not suitable for growing in the ground but the culture of’a potted lemon tree is it, quite possible

In short, that’you should know:

NameCitrus silt

Height : 1-3 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Well drained

Foliage : Evergreen
Flowering : March to July
Harvest : November to March

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Potting the potted lemon tree:

The potted lemon tree can not tap into the ground Nutrient he needs.

C’is in the pot and the earth that you will give him that’it will tap its reserves and its food.

Repotting therefore has a vitally important.

  • He s’performs spring, every 2 to about 3 years.
  • Choose soil quality Special or citrus plantation.
  • Make sure the bottom of the pot is well drilled
  • Ask in the hole a bed of pebbles or beads’clay order’ensure excellent drainage.

Size potted lemon tree:

Lemon pot this is practicalNo size n’is really necessary, but if you do not prune your lemon tree will take the’scale.
Pot, it is preferable to control its growth by pruning regularly

Cut each new shoot about half taking care to cut just above d’a sheet.
Allow your lemon tree and also to keep a nice compact shape.

  • It may be that you have to intervene several times in’year.

Remove dead wood as possible and ventilate the’Inside the citron to give it light.

Watering the potted lemon tree:

L’Watering is d’all the more important that’potted lemon tree dries much faster than s’he was on earth.
l’summer, frequent watering is needed so that’in winter, it should reduce the number of watering.

  • Should be watered when the soil is dry, without flooding the pot.
  • Avoid all sources of heat such as near’a heater, as this may dry out your tree.

During growth, add the’special citrus fertilizer approximately every 15 days in order to’improve fruiting.

Potted lemon tree in winter:

If growing in pots is quite suitable for lemon, c’also because it helps to get the lemon tree in a bright place and where it will not freeze during’winter.

The lemon n’is not a plant for’inside and therefore can not stand being in a room heated throughout’year, it needs’a certain freshness of’October to May

It is important to place it in an unheated greenhouse, for example, where the temperature does not drop below 0 °.

  • If you want a citrus fruit that supports indoor cultivation well, choose calamondin.

Harvesting lemons:

S harvest’generally occurs from November to March.

C’is therefore to’frost and maintaining land damp that you will bring the best ripe lemons.

Frequent diseases in pot lemon:

Moniliasis : Lemons rot on the lemon tree
Cochineal : Whitish masses invaded the foliage
Aphids : Leaves s’curl and fall off

Malignant Council lemon tree:

Pick lemons as soon as’they can easily peel off the branch.

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