Chives aromatic dlicieuse

Chives is an aromatic plant very easy to grow and provides a high return often.

L’maintenance, planting to harvest will ensure over the years a great growth.

Earthen pot in garden or on a balcony or a window sill, here are all growing advice.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Allium schoenoprasum
Family : Allium
Type : Condiment, perennial plant

: 20 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : Summer
Harvest : May to October

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Seeding and planting chives:

If you want to sow seeds of chives, make preferably seedlings up d’April-May

  • The chive seedlings is very easy to succeed.
  • Leave some of your flower chives to foster the spontaneous seeding.
  • When in bloom, n’Feel free to shake his head to drop the seeds that produce new shoots chives.

You will be able to plant seedlings purchased throughout pot spring up’to’summer.

For growing in pots, balcony or terrace, keep them in pots and water regularly, as soon as the soil is dry.

  • Potted prefer a partially shaded location avoiding at all costs brulantes areas.
  • Watering when the soil is dry surface is needed.
  • A larger diameter pot allows the chives grow properly.

Maintenance chives:

Once in place, chives virtually requires no maintenance, it grows by itself and multiplies easily.

  • Cut regularly most flowers order’prevent the plant goes to seed.
  • Nevertheless keep some flowers to encourage spontaneous seedlings, c’is guaranteed or your chives grow.

Before’Winter, Protect chives cold to be able to harvested throughout the’winter.

  • L’ideal is to overcome chives’a bell jar or put it in a small greenhouse.
  • Chives can be grown in winter if temperatures remain above 10-12 °.

Namely chives on:

Fragrant and flavoring, chives is an excellent plant to accompany salads, sauces, fresh cheeses and omelettes throughout the’summer and up’in early’fall.

Easy to grow, it will just be careful not to overwater as this could rot the bulbs.

This plant is also very ornamental with its summer flowering and can therefore adorn your borders, walkways and flowerbeds.

Malignant Council on chives:

Chives aromatic dlicieuseAlso in’ease in’outside that’to’Inside you can cultivate throughout the’winter garden or on the edge of’a window, taking care to give maximum light and protect from frost.

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