Fight caterpillars and Bio-1 treatment

The caterpillar is a butterfly larva that’can be found in different forms but the damage is always identical.

They consume plant leaves and conifer needles to feed causing the garden or the garden many problems.

What are the treatments effective against the caterpillar?

Many of synthetic products exist and are effective enough to eliminate them.

But they raise the issue of’impact on the’environment and are justified because there is no aujourd’hui high performance organic treatments.

Based products Rotenone orĀ Bacillus Thurengiensi are indeed used in organic farming and have a very limited impact on our planet.

  • It is generally found in garden under’appellation Organic Anti-caterpillar
  • They s’use in general dissolution with the’water and must therefore be sprayed
  • The product must be ingested by insects and must therefore be applied on the’whole plant
  • The anti-caterpillar treatments s’performs from the first butterfly flights
  • Must treat dry weather, no wind and no rain

As regards the caterpillars devastating your soupr, the method of the manual capture allows’have good immediate results but nothing prevents you also’use the method described above.

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