Cherry quick and generous fruit

Cherry is the’One of the most common fruit from our orchards.

The planting,’Maintenance and size are all gestures that allow you to’have a good harvest and’prevent disease.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Prunus cerasus
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Tree orchard

: 6 to 15 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

: Deciduous
Flowering : April _ Harvest : May to July depending on the variety

Plant a cherry tree:

There planting cherry is an important step because, well made, it promotes good growth and therefore fruiting cherry.

At best it will be planted and well it will produce beautiful cherry quickly.

  • It is highly recommended plant to’autumn to promote the’rooting.
  • A sunny location is essential to produce cherries.
  • Planting spring is also quite possible, but subject to’sprinkle a little early.
  • Choose grafted cherry trees that’they give fruit.
  • Check our planting tips.

Cherry Size:

Here is a topic that is controversial because the size of cherry tends to weaken’tree and becomes a source of many diseases.

Yet it is sometimes necessary to prune when the cherry becomes too great or some branches become too fragile.

  • Cherry therefore resents size.
    It must therefore be reduced to a minimum.
    Remove dead branches, fragile or broken.
  • If a branch breaks, apply immediately mastic healing on the wound.
    The healing mastic avoids’occurrence of diseases and fungi.
  • If you have a Cherry too, trim it August or September and protect it immediately to’a wound sealant.

Common diseases and parasites in Cherry:

A cherry a fruit considered sensitive that’it should be cut as little as possible because each size is a source of’input for fungi particular.

  • Cherry fruit fly: Cherries are attacked by fly larvae and holes are formed in cherries
  • Aphids: Leaves s’curl and lose their color d’Originally, they turn yellow or fade
  • Scale insects: Amas white or rosé to’floury appearance forms on the branches and leaves
  • Moniliasis: cherry rot on’tree

Namely on cherry:

Must our gardens when’we want to put fruit or create an orchard, the present Cherry many benefits.

  • It has a beautiful blooms Late that stimulates fruiting.
  • Its fruits are fleshy, sweet and rich in vitamin C.
  • He s’practically suits all climates and requires little’nor maintenance’especially watering.

Varieties of cherry trees:

Cherry quick and generous fruit If you plant more cherry, mix varieties to stimulate pollination and therefore fruiting.

If you do’plant in that’one, choose called self-fertile variety as the bigarreau summit or bigarreau Sweetheart for your desserts and your preserves

It is essential to plant a self-fertile variety when’he n’there has only’one cherry because without it you do’will not cherry.

You can also choose the Montmorency cherry, fruit will help you make delicious clafoutis that will surprise and delight your children as your guests.

Malignant Board on cherry:

Attention to the devastation that can make birds.
They can take away your harvest in a few days.

  • L’Ideally d’use a net against birds that’in specialized stores you buy.
  • Can discourage installing sheets’aluminum or CDs on the branches.
    But the birds quickly become familiar with this kind of ploy ....
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