Cypress canker

Cypress canker is virtually the only disease that’is known for this conifer.

Rather rustic general, a canker attack on this conifer may ravage the’all its neighbors s’he s’is d’a hedge.

It tends to invade the entire’tree whose branches are of’First scorch and die one after the other.

Branches and foliage of the cypress, which turns brown, scorched and s’dries.

He s’is undoubtedly the canker.

C’is a microscopic fungus that s’introduced under’bark and can devastate forests full of cypress trees.

Treatment of cypress canker:

He n’Unfortunately, there is no real effective treatment except to limit the disease when’it appears.

Cut the base branches that scorch soon as you see the disease and burn them.

Malignant Council on the cypress canker:

It is better to strip some its cypresses, otherwise leaving the canker spread’tree will eventually die.

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