Cherry blossoms bloom early Mon.

Cherry flower, also known as Japanese cherry or Prunus is a beautiful ornamental tree.

Size and’maintenance advantageously participate in its growth and flowering.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Prunus
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Tree

Height : 5 to 12 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Foliage : Deciduous
Flowering : March-April

Plantation Cherry flower:

It is recommended planted in autumn, before the first frost to facilitate’rooting.
If you plant your cherry Japan Winter, let outside periods of freezing.

But like all trees purchased in pot or container, it will be possible to plant the spring or summer avoiding periods of hot weather.

In this case, planning a Regular watering during the first months after planting.

Cherry Size of Japan:

No size n’is necessary if n’is the dead branches.

Do not prune before flowering but wait until the end to balance or reduce the branches.

Cherry varieties or prunus flowers:

Among the most known varieties, we find the Kanzan which bloom in the spring is’one of the most spectacular.

We also have the kiku Shidare Sakura, the Hokusai, or the’Accolade. The latter, smaller in size than the Kanzan, reach 6 to 8 m and s’Also dressed beautiful spring flowers.

Finally, if you are looking for prunus small for a small garden, choose a Amanogawa.

  • Did you know? Flowering cherry or cherry Japan belongs to the same family as the traditional giving cherry cherries.

Namely on cherry flower:

Cherry flower or’ornament is absolutely beautiful. It brightens the beginning of our spring with abundant flowering and tones ranging from white to pink.

This period, although’rather short, will make your garden a colorful space harbinger of the return of good weather.

Malignant Council on the flowering cherry, Prunus:

Avoid overly exposed areas in the wind so as not to shorten the flowering period!