Ceanothe a beautiful blue-1 shrub

The Ceanothus is’one of the finest ornamental shrubs through single flowering blue.

Planting, size and’maintenance are gestures that will help you have beautiful flowers and Ceanothus that grows well.

Choose the CEANOTHE a hedge or isolated and surprise you!

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Ceanothus
Family : Rhamnaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Ordinary

Foliage : Persistent (or spent for some species)
Flowering : March to May (or was) among regions or species

Planting CEANOTHE:

The Ceanothus crashes preferably in a sunny or slightly shaded but not to’shadow because evil flourish.

TO l’fall or spring, you will take care of the plant in light soil because an excess’Moisture could alter the good growth of Ceanothus.

Avoid at all costs to plant Ceanothus for a during freezing or high heat.

  • Follow planting tips Gardening malignant.

Size, maintenance Ceanothus:

Remove spent flowers and stems to dry as to stimulate’emergence of new flowers.

This operation n’is not essential but it is beneficial, especially for small subjects.

If you want reduce antlers or reshape the silhouette, especially not to prune end of’winter but wait the end of flowering.

  • See our advice sized shrubs.

For deciduous species, frankly prune in spring shoots of’previous year.

Namely the ceanothus:

Ceanothe a beautiful blue-1 shrubThis shrub has a generous flowering that blue is the main color and characterizes among all shrubs bloom in spring.

There are also pink Ceanothus, especially flowering and equally decorative.

It originates’America and s’perfectly adapted to our climate, although a Regular watering is recommended during its first two years.

As regards the crawling Ceanothus, should be particularly rock or even ground cover because you appreciate its rapid growth.

  • The CEANOTHE s’particularly well adapted seaside, in hedge or isolated.

Finally, thanks to its honey can, you make happy bees who need well and you will actively participate in the quality of’ecosystem in your garden

Ceanothe in winter:

The CEANOTHE is resistant to cold and has to live outdoors, even in winter.

But it is hardy down to -10 °, no more, and should therefore be protected if severe frosts are feared you.

  • Pot, go to your Ceanothus’frost, in a cool, bright place
  • Outdoor and earth, protect your CEANOTHE with a veil’winter where temperatures fall below -8 ° frequently.

Malignant Council on the ceanothus:

In hedges or along’a wall (which may even be trellised), the Ceanothus surprises and delights with its flowering of’a beautiful blue uncommon.

It also uses the creeping variety of Ceanothus to create pretty flat strip and enjoy its ground cover effect.

He likes sunny situations!

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