Cedar superb conifre

Cedar is probably the’one of the finest and conifers’one of the most majestic.

It can reach large sizes although much smaller varieties are perfect for small gardens.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Cedrus
Family : Pinaceae
Type : Conifer

: 2 to 40 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

: Evergreen

Planting cedar

It is recommended to plant at’fall to promote’roots, even if you can pitch up’but especially in the spring avoiding periods of frost.

  • Follow us planting tips.

Pruning and maintenance of the cedar:

No size n’is necessary, but if some branches become brittle or die it is important to remove them before that’they fall.

Namely the cedar:

Beautiful conifer, cedar is native to the Middle East and’Himalayas.

He s’is perfectly acclimatized to our regions.
At once majestic and very ornamental, it is fast growing and a very long life.

On the’used not only to decorate parks and gardens, but also for the quality of its wood.

Malignant Council on the cedar:

L’Watering should be regular but limited during the first summer.