Codling, the worm fruit

Codling moth is commonly called the worm fruit.

He s’is in fact’a caterpillar that feeds on the flesh of the fruit.

It is most often found in apples, but also pears, walnuts, chestnuts or plums.

When and how we must fight against the worm fruit?

When, how he must fight against this enemy of apple and pear?

Blow away codling moth, the worm fruit?

The fight n’is not very easy, as the period during which this caterpillar is the’outside of the fruit is relatively short and therefore not easily visible.

It seems appropriate to leave some fruit on damaged’tree and thus control the development of the pest without necessarily seeking to’total elimination.

This seems indeed almost impossible for the reasons mentioned above.

How to fight effectively against the worm fruit?

  1. Treat early May with a Bactospein (biological and botanical insecticide), which is a specific and renew the anti-caterpillar’operation once 15 days later.
  2. Place in May of sex pheromone traps to attract male moths and thus limiting fertilization.
  3. Collect the falling fruit before maturity because they have often been affected by the codling moth.
  4. Mating disruption is a technique that aims to track the scent of the female hormone using synthetic pheromones. It becomes difficult for males to find females which significantly limits the number of clutches.

Malignant Council on the fruit worm:

Add this page to your cabin to find it in your space, you will thus establish the guide of your garden.

Other fruit diseases:

  • Fruit fly : The turn brown and wither fruits.
  • Rust : Pustules brown or orange brown on the internal face and yellow stain on the outer side.
  • Canker collar : Gaunt appearance of the trunk turns brown.
  • L’powdery mildew : White Felting on the branches and the leaves.
  • Scab : Brown stains on the sheets and on fruit