Canna or balisier, a flower rediscover

The canna is a beautiful flower rhizome s’easy to maintain.

Planting and conservation of winter cannas are gestures that will allow you to see flourish of’year.

Here is a flower to rediscover, sometimes called canna canna.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Canna
Family : Cannaceae
Type : Perennial rhizomatous

: 50 to 120 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rich, humufère permeable

: June to September

Planting canna:

Plant cannas:

It is recommended to plant your canna the month d’April or May depending on climate, making sure to press them into the soil (10-15 cm).
Canna take the’scale: a distance of 50-60 cm s’therefore required between each plant.

Canna seedling:

If you want to your own rhizomes culture, put them in a seedling compost and cuttings in February or March and this, in a warm place. So you can put them in the ground in May.

You can multiply your cannas by division of the tuft in the spring.

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Maintenance and winter storage canna:

Remove faded flowers to As.

Water regularly by heat, especially the mini canna which often grow in pots.

Canna in’autumn and winter:

At’autumn, fold your plants 10/15 cm foot when the foliage is completely faded, pluck them and tuck them in a cool, ventilated room throughout the’winter.

In spring, you can plant them again.

Namely the canna:

Canna (or balisier) is a hybrid of several species from which the strain is a rhizome.

He wears beautiful flowers whose variety of colors give a lot’sparkle to your flowerbeds.

Malignant Council on the canna:

Beware of varieties when you plant cannas in flower bed, because the colors, the leaves and the size of the plant are not the same.