Camelia sasanqua, end ferie dautomne

Camellia sasanqua is a small tree with simple flower that blooms in the fall in the heart of winter.

And its petals falling on the ground form a colorful carpet, as do the spring cherry blossoms.

It has been identified 82 species camellia and an estimated 10 000 varieties grown today.

The Camellia sasanqua is not yet widespread and yet ... he animates the garden of bright colors when the vegetation turns off.

Camellia sasanqua Plantation

March-April is the time of planting ideal for Camellia sasanqua, but if you buy it in the container, it can be planted at any time.

  • Plan a slightly acidic forest soil or silty clay soil well drained and rich in humus.
  • All heavy clay soil, compact, highly undesirable.
  • Excess water should always be able to escape.
  • The planting hole should be three to four times higher volume than the root ball.
  • Place the bottom of this hole eight inches of compost thickness.
  • Water thoroughly and cover the soil with mulch of bark.

Install it sunlight because it needs a high brightness, but avoid facing south too hot in summer. Take shelter from the wind if the bloom will be very fleeting.

In cold regions, protect it from the cold and wind with an awning and prevent the soil from freezing to protect the roots with piles of leaves mixed with dry sand.

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Camellia sasanqua Care

Camelia sasanqua, end ferie dautomneThe Soil should be kept cool permanently.

When the rains fail, Camellia sasanqua water your, especially in the first year of planting.

After a long day of heat, bassinez the feuillage, he will thank you for it likes under the drizzle.

This is why it grows best on the Atlantic coast, enjoying the softness and moisture oceanic climate.


It is not necessary to cut the, free forms are the most beautiful effect. If you need forms into a ball, pyramid ... it lends itself easily.

Prune just after flowering because the camellia shape buttons during the summer, on the wood of the year. By pruning too late, you may delete the following flowering without harming the plant.

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