Callicarpa, the tree candy

The callicarpa or candy tree is a beautiful shrub that is also suitable for growing in the ground that’pot.

D’easy maintenance, it will amaze you with its beautiful bays appearing in the middle of’and it was up’at the end of’winter.

Name : Callicarpa bodinieri
Family : Verbenaceae
Type : Shrub

2 m
Exposure : Sunny, light partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Deciduous
Flowering : June-July

Callicarpa planting, tree candy:

Either in spring or in’fall.

Please understand that’a planting in’autumn improves recovery and that of plant in spring imposes a more regular from watering.

  • Follow our tips planting shrubs.

Size callicarpa, tree candy:

No size n’is really essential but size’maintenance keeps a compact habit

  • Wait for the’winter to reduce or balance the branches.
  • Prune the branches of’previous year to 10 inches from their starting point
  • Delete fragile or dead branches
  • Give back to your callicarpa a nice shape and a compact habit

Namely the callicarpa, tree candy:

If the summer flowering remains insignificant, this shrub is much better known for its fruits that appear on’fall and take on’shaft a large part of the’winter.

Although the leaves eventually fall to’autumn berries persist and so decorate garden or terrace during the colder months.

All perfectly suited to growing in pots, it is also interesting and isolated massif’shrub.

Malignant Council on the callicarpa, tree candy:

If you fear the heavy frost’winter, put it in a pot and put it in’shelter in a cool, frost.