Bulbs clay earth and floods-1

The bulbs need’be planted in light soil in order to grow properly.

Yet some gardens feature of’clayey and often flooded land during the months’winter.

Follow our tips to make your flower bulbs and often flooded wetland:

Bulbs clay earth and flooded:

The risk facing the bulbs in this soil is permanently bathed in’water.
They end rot and do not allow the plant to grow and bloom.

Plant bulbs in clay soil:

Improving soil drainage, you should be able to grow n’any bulbous plant.

  • It is necessary to’First dig a deeper hole for light soil.
    We consider that’there must be a hole of’at least 20 cm deep.
  • At the bottom of the hole, spread a layer of gravel or balls’Clay approximately 5 cm’thickness.
    This will allow’water to flow to the bottom and not stagnate.
  • Fill in on the same surface 5 cm of soil or soil mixed with sand
  • Arrange your bulbs
  • Fill not the same mixture that’previously.
  • Gently tamp and fill it again if necessary.

By following this technique, you're ready for any weather that could flood your floor.
You will have the pleasure of seeing your flowers s’flourish in your garden.

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