Brunfelsia, Brunfelsie Yesterday Today Tomorrow

The brunfelsia, also called Yesterday Aujourd’hui, Tomorrow is a beautiful shrub summer flowering.

Well known for changing flower color in the’Within 3 days from violet to white, it also offers a beautiful evergreen.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Brunfelsia pauciflora
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Shrub

: 50 to 100 cm
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Rich enough

: Persistent or spent by climate
Flowering : May-August

Planting or brunfelsia brunfelsie:

It is recommended to plant spring and preferably in the pot so that you can go home.

C’is in fact a shrub from freezing and thus the imperative to be returned’winter in a place where the temperature does not drop below 10 °.

It is not necessary’hope to grow’inside’a house or’an apartment because the’air is too dry.

Size brunfelsia maintenance or brunfelsie:

If you want reduce or balance the antlers, wait until the end of flowering and cut half rods.

To’improve flowering, you can bring the’fertilizer for roses every week during flowering.

A annual repotting in spring will be almost necessary for all brunfelsias grown in pot.

Namely the brunfelsia or brunfelsie:

This beautiful shrub native to’Latin America is named after color change its flowers that s’done in three days, purple or purple, then blue, then white.

It is important to the’water regularly, with water at ambient temperature, but without excess throughout the’summer.
L’watering will always be in the evening in order to’prevent the’water s’evaporates.

At’autumn, it is desirable to enter your Brunfelsia because he feared the cold and will be much better in a bright location where the temperature will not drop below 10 °.

The most frequent diseases and pests:

Leaves blanch or fade:

He s’is probably of’too limestone. Bring the land of heather or liquid ferric sulphate to fix it.

The most common pests:

The aphids can be daunting and foliage becomes sticky and tacky. Here are advice against aphids

The red spider that’we distinguish the back of the leaves can also be daunting. Then treat with a miticide or special anti red spider solution.

Council clever about brunfelsia or brunfelsie:

A contribution in organic fertilizer Spring will promote flowering.

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