Mill and compost the right choice


To turn your green waste into mulch and compost, these two objects are useful.


A crusher allows to decrease by 6 to 12 times the volume of waste size of your hedges, trees and shrubs. The ground material obtained can be recycled compost or mulching.

Like lawnmowers, there are two types of grinders: electric or thermal motor. The first are the quieter, recommended for gardens under 2 000 m2. Chosen sufficiently powerful (2000 W minimum), they can shred branches up to 35 mm depending on the model. Thermal mills can grind branches bigger faster. But they are very noisy and therefore reserved for large gardens and large jobs.

In all cases, the mill with relatively occasional use in the garden, do not hesitate to praise, consulting including sites specializing in renting between people as Ilokyou.


If your garden is large, you will have no problem to install a compost heap in a silo or fence boards in the corner a bit hidden. If it is small, a composter reduces clutter and "inconvenience" visual. There are wooden or plastic of different sizes to choose from depending on the amount of your organic waste and the size of your garden (count one liter per m2).

To work well, a composter to be bottomless (content must be in contact with the ground), equipped with vents, a flow, a lid and a door to retrieve the mature compost. We must take care to mix and monitor moisture during drought.

More, the rotary drum composter provides compost faster than a conventional composter - in 2 to 6 weeks - thanks to its rotation. Every day, a few turns of the crank, the compost is airy, heat distributed and accelerated the work of bacteria.

If you live in an apartment and want to recycle your waste to feed your green plants and planters, it's a lombri composter you. In a box composed of several screens, to activate to turn kitchen waste and cardboard compost.

Whatever your choice, be aware that some municipalities offer assistance to purchase a composter, check with your local council.

Laure Hamann

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