Broccoli all about culture

Broccoli cabbage, recognizable by its green inflorescence is a tasty and easy vegetable cultivation

Cultivation, sowing, planting and harvesting, here's how to have beautiful broccoli.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Brassica cauliflora
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Vegetable biennial

Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Fresh, deep, moist, rich

: The whole’year according to varieties

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  • Health : virtues and benefits of broccoli

Sowing, planting broccoli:

Broccoli seedlings:

  • The first broccoli says early, can be sown from the March, under shelter for harvesting from August to September.
  • For planting directly in the ground the end we wait all risk of frost, in May or June.

Planting broccoli bucket purchased:

The first broccoli plants appear to’purchase at the end of spring, but c’is From mid-May that’we can put clay outdoor.

  • Keep a distance of 60 cm in all directions between each plant

After sowing, broccoli interview:

Once the plants are in minimum 3-4 leaves, transplant directly in place while protecting your culture if this is s’performed before May.

  • Transplanting broccoli is done every 40 cm.
    This spacing is necessary to leave the plants room to grow.
  • Transplant in a well-tilled land.
  • Water regularly but your broccoli moderately fine rain to maintain proper humidity.

Watering broccoli:

To thrive, broccoli need’regular watering to keep the soil moist.

  • Water-wet without much order’avoid mold
  • Mulch the foot of your broccoli in order to maintain’soil moisture
  • Biner regularly to facilitate the transition from’water in the soil and prevent weeds

Pests and diseases that affect broccoli:

The main enemy of broccoli remains mildew.Moisture is the main cause of late blight development.

  • Avoid watering the foliage of your broccoli
  • Do not overtighten the plants for aeration of foliage
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Note also that the broccoli may be the target aphids and, naturally Tracked.

For these two parasites, avoid at all costs the use of chemicals that can contaminate your vegetables and the soil in which they grow.

Harvesting broccoli cabbage:

Harvest broccoli:

Broccoli is harvested when the main head is well formed and compact.

  • Broccoli should be harvested before the flowers do s’open (the surface then pulls yellow)
  • Cut about 5 cm below the head to allow your broccoli to continue to grow.

Malignant Council about broccoli:

Broccoli has many virtues including that of’be rich in vitamin C, but to enjoy it, it is better not eat raw or overcooked.

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