Cuttings of roses when, how

Cuttings of’a rose is easy to make, economical and gives great satisfaction when the new rose grows.

A rose cuttings can easily multiply favorite roses in your garden or your friends.

C’is also the’opportunity to make a gift to your loved ones as the result of’a cutting is also the patience and the’love of plants

Without delay, make your roses cuttings:

Time for a rose cuttings:

The best time starts at middle of the month’August and s’spreads up’to the end of November.

Nevertheless, you can try your hand at cuttings during a large part of the’summer, if the chances of success are less important, they are real.

Technique to be successful a rose cuttings?

  1. Select one beautiful stem of your rose bush, right and strong, grown during’year.
    It must be at least 3 eyes and one nascent bud.
    You can cut several, this will increase your chances of success
  2. Keep only the central part of the rod (About 15 cm) by removing the head, then cut just above d’a pair of sheets
  3. Remove all the leaves gently, keeping only the two top leaves
  4. Remove the thorns of the party will be in the ground (about 1/3 of the stem).
  5. Soak in this part’water for a few minutes and then in a mixture called rooting hormone which is in gardening.
    If’No rooting hormone’is not essential, it improves the chances of success for your cuttings
  6. Plant this (or these) slip (s) in a filled pot special soil cuttings or in a mixture of soil and sand.
    S’There are many, observe an area of ​​5 to 10 cm between each cutting.
    Stake each cutting to allow it to good standing.
  7. Water regularly, but not too much so as not to flood the emerging roots
    Keep your cuttings in a dry, cool and airy.
    Avoid direct sunlight and prefer partial shade with good brightness
  8. You can put them in the ground in spring.
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Reminder: Most roses varieties are protected. They are the result of the work of breeders and later edited for marketing.
Cuttings n’Thus tolerated for private use.