A climbing bougainvillea share

The bougainvillea is a beautiful climbing shrub Mediterranean.

L’Maintenance and size are gestures that sustainably improve growth and flowering bougainvillea.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Bougainvillea
Family : Nyctaginacées
Type : Climbing shrub

Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rather light

Foliage : Evergreen
Flowering : May to November

Planting bougainvillea:

Bougainvillea in the ground:

The bougainvillea tolerates culture in the ground only in regions with mild winters. It is not frost resistant.

If you live in the Mediterranean region, plant the preference spring in a light soil.

  • L’ideal is a mixture made of garden soil, potting soil and sand.
  • The bougainvillea should be planted at a hot place and must be returned the’Winter s’it freezes in your area.
  • So choose a place sheltered from the wind and preferably at the foot’support to elevate it.

Potted bougainvillea:

The culture of potted bougainvillea is recommended whenever temperatures fall below 0 ° l’winter. You can then returns it in a bright place where it will not freeze during’winter.

  • Place your bougainvillea in a soil for flowering plants.
  • Repot in spring in a slightly larger diameter pot.

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  • Multiply easily your bougainvillea by cuttings or layering spring.

Size bougainvillea:

A climbing bougainvillea shareThe size of bougainvillea n’is not essential, it is even recommended when’it is too severe.

The flowers appear on the wood effect of’previous year and thus eliminate any size flowering chances for’coming year.

But it is often useful to’balance the antlers to d’avoid your shrub becomes misshapen.
It is then necessary to avoid pruning the’entire bougainvillea, a light and progressive size over the years is quite suitable.

  • Cut it so at the end of’hiver, after all risk of frost.
  • Remove branches that are too long and give it back to him a bushy shape.
  • Delete an old branch each year to renew the vegetation.

During flowering Remove spent flowers As in order to stimulate’emergence of new inflorescences.

If’Watering can be generous in summer, it should reduce the frequency of winter. Let earth dry between 2arrosages.

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Maintenance of bougainvillea:

Of bougainvillea’been to’Fall:

Bring regularly, about every 15 days, a liquid fertilizer for flowering to stimulate flowering.
Reduce the’contribution of’fertilizer at the end of’summer to d’stop completely at the beginning of’fall.

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Bougainvillea in autumn and winter

Before’arrival of frost, the plant needs to find a cooler place but where it does not freeze.

  • L’ideally a temperature of around 10 °.

They like greenhouses or unheated porches which give maximum brightness.

Watering side, it should be watered when the soil is dry thoroughly.

Bougainvillea in the spring:

C’is the time to get your bougainvillea its dormant repeating the regular watering.

By the late frosts, you will be able to stand out.

Namely the bougainvillea:

A climbing bougainvillea shareThis beautiful climbing shrub native to’South America s’fits very well to the Mediterranean climate.

Tropical plant (or subtropical), the bougainvillea n’appears that in France’at the end of the 18th century after the botanist Philibert Commerson, attached to the’Brazilian expedition discovers that this flower’it will appoint the bougainvillea in tribute to his commander Bougainville.

It will become synonymous’adventure In the language of flowers.

There generous flowering spring up’at the end of’autumn while dark green leaves persist all along the’year.

The bougainvillea is one of fragrant climbing plants.

Bougainvillea in winter:

If you live further north and s’it freezes in your area, it should be grown in pot to be returned and set frost l’winter.

To do this, choose a unheated room where the temperature does not fall below 8-10 °

It may be that the leaves fall in winter after a cold snap.
This does not necessarily condemn shrub for your c’even quite common.

Common diseases and parasites in the bougainvillea:

The bougainvillea n’is not a particularly fragile plant, especially when’it can grow outdoors.

In contrast, inside there needs to regain the natural growing conditions to avoid decline.

  • Regular misting the foliage with the’soft water helps restore the’humidity it needs.

If leaves turn brown and eventually s’wrap, he s’is certainly of’an attack of aphids

If leaves turn yellow rather sudden manner, he s’is certainly of’an attack of scale insects.

Malignant Council on the bougainvillea:

To have a spectacular flowering, bring a Special organic fertilizer in spring the bougainvillea’summer.

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