Cuttings of geraniums, simple raliser

The technique of cuttings is certainly’one of the most simple to make to multiply geraniums economically.

At the end of’summer when’bush is in bloom or spring when vegetation starts, you will have’opportunity to create new plants from the one you already have!

Period of cuttings’a geranium?

The best time starts from the month of’August and s’spreads up’at the end of September.

But you can comfortably hard you try in the month of’April to the recovery of the vegetation because the chances of success remain significant.

Cutting propagation technique’a geranium?

  1. Cut off the’one of the best of your geranium stems: a rod without flowers having thrust during’year.
    Take cuttings on healthy stock plants and growing vegetation.
  2. Cut to about 10 cm from’end of geranium by cutting just below d’a node
    You can cut several, this will increase your chances of success.
  3. Remove the lower leaves by reducing the number of sheet to keep only the top leaves.
  4. Soak in this part’water for several minutes and then in a mixture called rooting hormone you will find garden.
    This solution n’is not essential, but it will increase your chances of success
  5. Plant this (or these) slip (s) in a pot filled with potting soil Special cuttings or in a mixture of soil and sand.
    Keep a space of 15 to 20 cm between each cutting.
  6. Place your cuttings to’outside and’shadow except for cuttings carried in spring which will remain in’within up’in that the external temperature reached 20 °.
  7. Water regularly but without excess not to flood the emerging roots
  8. During the’winter, keep your cuttings in a cool, dry, ventilated and especially frost.
  9. You can put them in the ground in the spring.

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