While planting trees and shrubs-1

Planting’a shrub or’a tree is a milestone in the life of the subject you have just’buy.

After being grown in container, in a nursery or a horticulturist, he arrives in a new environment in which it will s’adapt.

So follow carefully each step outlined below and your shrub will grow perfectly!






Plant a tree or shrub:

  • Dig diameter hole 4-5 times higher than the root ball you are going to plant.
Diameter Depth
Trees 80 cm 1m
Shrubs 60 cm 50 cm
Rosiers 50 cm 40 cm


  • Crumble ground which has been removed. Check that’he n’there were more pieces like stones or pieces of wood.
  • Mix the soil with planting soil and organic amendment manure and seaweed type.
    You can also add sand if your soil is not draining.
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  • Place the root ball in a bucket’water to rehydrate the earth and roots s’shaft.
  • Or scratch the roots without damaging them lightly and to detach from each other if they are too cross.
  • Put some d’organic fertilizer granulated in the hole.
  • Place your tree center hole taking care’spread the roots at the bottom.
  • Fill the hole with the mixture you have prepared (land + peat + Amendment)
  • Tamp slightly soil.
  • Water profusely

Council on planting’shrubs

  • For trees or shrubs more’1 m high, there must be a tutor.
    This avoids that’it bends and breaks under’wind.

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