Although marry them prepare vegetables vegetable garden

As human beings, vegetables have likes and dislikes.

Some families stimulate or protect. Others are running out and become brittle.

The introduction of vegetables in the garden does not happen like that and some rules s’required to not combine vegetables that could interfere.

Instead, some vegetables have the’art of boost.

Large vegetable families:

In the garden, there are several vegetable families, the main ones being :

  • Solanaceae: eggplant, chili pepper, pepper, tomato, potato, etc.
  • Umbelliferae: carrot, celery, chervil, fennel, parsley, etc.
  • cruciferous: cabbage, watercress turnip, radishes, horseradish, etc.
  • legumes: bean, bean, lens, polka dot, etc.) and
  • lilies: garlic, asparagus, shallot, onion, leek, etc.

Some families live together without problems while d’others do not support.

Families s’along well : Umbelliferae, cruciferous and Legumes.

Families who s’disagree: lilies, Solanaceae and Legumes.

These three families are definitely angry although’it is not known why. Perhaps because of the species (called phytoncides) that’they emit to protect against pests and communicate. Science interplanted language is still new, it s’is that of’assumptions ...

Good associations of vegetables:

To place your guests at the establishment of the vegetable garden, here are some suggestions table plans.

Garlic : beet, carrot, strawberry, lettuce, tomato.

Asparagus : cucumber / pickle, bean, parsley, leek, tomato.

Eggplant : bean,.

Beetroot : garlic, spinach, beanlettuce.

Carrot : garlic, dill, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, onion, leek, polka dot, tomato.

Celery : garlic, cabbage, beanonion, leek, tomato.

Cabbage : carrot, celery, cucumber / pickle, bean, polka dot, savory, tomato.

Cucumber : basil, cabbage, beanlettuce, marigold, onion, polka dot.

Gherkin : basil, cabbage, beanlettuce, marigold, onion, polka dot.

Spinach : beet, carrot, cabbage, strawberry, bean, turnip, leek, radishes, tomato.

Fennel : celery, turnip, leek.

Bean : eggplant, beet, carrot, celery, cabbage, cucumber / pickle, spinach, strawberry, lettuce, carrot, potato.

Lettuce : beet, carrot, chervil, cabbage, cucumber / pickle, strawberry, bean, radishes.

Melon : nasturtium, bean, lettuce, polka dot.

Turnip : spinach, fennel, polka dot.

Onion : beet, carrot, cucumber / pickle, strawberry, lettuce, tomato.

Leek : asparagus, carrot, celery, spinach, strawberry, lettuce, tomato.

Pea : carrot, celery, cabbage, cucumber / pickle, turnip, potato, radishes.

Radishes : carrot, spinach, lettuce, bean, polka dottomato.

Tomato : garlic, asparagus, carrot, celery, onion, parsley, leek.

Pierrick Le Jardinier