Begonias good cure

Begonia with beautiful flowering, generous and spectacular.

Planting and’maintenance heavily involved in the development and flowering of the plant.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Begonia
Family : Begonias
Type : Annual, perennial tuber or
Flowering : May to October

: 20 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunlight in partial shade.
Ground : Rather rich, well drained

Planting and potting begonia :

Indoor Begonia:

When planting or potting your begonia, ideally using a potting soil for flowering plants or a mixture of leaves and soil.

If you directly plant the tuber, be sure to germinate potted tubers hollow side up 3-4 cm deep in the month of March.

Outdoor Begonia:

Annual begonias:

Terrine seedlings from January-March, transplanting the month’April and implementation in May.

If you buy directly bucket, put the clay from’April.

  1. Water regularly after planting.
  2. Mulching helps maintain the’moisture that the plant needs.

Perennial begonias :

A plant from month’April, in the ground, preferably in a shaded area.
Earth or gardener, observe a d-spacing’15-20 cm between each plant.

  • Mix your begonias with other summer flowering bulbs, find all the advice.

Multiplication of begonia:

Begonias d’Inside:

This s’often done in November after flowering and when the foliage is completely wilted.

  • Carefully remove the dirt tubers.
  • Dry the
  • Carefully divide the tuber 2.
  • Place them in a dry place without light up’next spring.
  • In spring, you can re-install to a new flowering.

Begonias d’Outside:

For Annual, we propagated by seeds.

For tubers and perennials, is carried to the division of the tuber or tuft in the spring.

Pruning and maintenance of begonia:

L’begonia maintenance is relatively easy and requires only very little care, especially when’it is installed.

  • Remove dead flowers as this operation is used to stimulate’emergence of new flowers.
  • Before’Winter should be covered with dried leaves mulch to protect from frost.

After flowering begonias:

Begonias indoors in winter:

Begonia comes in period dormant when the leaves are all faded and fallen.
Some varieties have a evergreen, so expect that’he n’there are more flowers.

  1. Do not cut the stems to prevent damage to the tuber.
  2. Place your begonia in a cool, darkish.
  3. The ideal temperature in winter is around 12 ° -13 ° but not below
  4. Limit watering only when the soil is dry thoroughly.

Begonias outdoors in winter:

That's only perennial begonias.

  • Cover with dried leaves during’winter or other plant mulch to protect them from the cold.

Namely the begonias :

Begonias good cureThis beautiful plant native’South America account numerous species with different shapes and colors.

It owes its name to the governor of Santo Domingo, Michel Bégon.

Considered herbaceous by’no stem, it is one of bushy plants known.

His bright flowers from yellow to red through pink and will d’all the more vivid if the begonia grows in quality substrate.

Mix your lilies with other summer flowering bulbs, find all the advice.

Malignant Council on the begonia:

If you grow begonias in regions with cold winters, after leaf fall but before the first frost, tuck tubers in a cool, airy, clean them, so you can replant the’Next year!