Beaucarnea foot dlphant

The BEAUCARNEA is a beautiful tree’inside.

Planting and potting, the’maintenance and’watering are all steps needed to improve its growth and avoid that’he is sick.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Beaucarnea
Family : Agavaceae
Type : Shrub

6 m outdoors
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Light, well drained

: Evergreen
Flowering : Insignificant

Planting Beaucarnea:

  • Indoors:
    Perform possibly Repotting after’purchase and then approximately every 3 years.
    Choose bright light even sunny but avoid too hot sun could dry the foliage.
  • Outdoors:
    The outdoor Beaucarnea do s’that fits’the tropical climates.
    This plant then either the spring or the’fall.
    Choose a sunny location.

Size, maintenance Beaucarnea:

  • Indoors:
    One can reduce the leaf length to give it a nice figure and a smaller effect.
    Cut the leaves off diagonally so that’they continue to s’wrap.
  • Outdoors:
    No size n’is essential.

Watering Beaucarnea:

  • For cultivation of pot Beaucarnea, watering a month is enough, 2 during the hot weather.
    You should know that the Beaucarnea prefers lack’water that’an excess’watering that could rot the roots.
  • Outdoors, no watering n’is necessary because the Beaucarnea need to suffer to feel good

Common disease in the Beaucarnea:

A cottony masses forms on the surface and under the leaves, it s’is undoubtedly cochineal.

It is therefore essential to dealt with urgently because a large invasion of mealybugs can condemn and even infest d Beaucarnea’other plants of’intéreur.

Beaucarnea foot dlphant

  • Find our treatment advice cochineal.

Namely on foot’Elephant:

The beaucaréna is from Mexico and likes especially in dry and arid soils.

He s’particularly well adapted to the indoor growing, but you can get it out from May to September desire to make him take the’air.

He like being in’close and n’therefore no need’be planted in pots or disproportionately large bin.

Malignant Council on the Beaucarnea, foot’Elephant:

When’watering prefer water at room temperature too cold because it might disrupt your BEAUCARNEA.