Beautiful night advice dentretien-1

The night of beautiful is a perennial that blooms generously throughout the’been and is easily propagated to the point of becoming invasive occasionally occur.

But if’although its development is controlled, it is one of the easiest flowers’maintenance and very decorative.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Mirabilis
Family : Nyctaginacées
Type : Perennial, annual

: 80 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Flowering : June to September

  • The most beautiful night beautiful offerings are on the Guide

Plantation night beautiful:

April-May for purchased plants bucket or container.

  • Observe spacing d’about 25/30 cm minimum between each foot.

For night beautiful seedlings,

  • Sowing under shelter from March and a set up in May.
  • Or, sow directly up from May

Size, maintaining the beautiful night:

No size n’is really necessary but removing faded flowers in as this will foster’emergence of new flowers.

Although’quite invasive, night beautiful sow themselves alone but we can easily control its development by removing the feet as they emerge.

Namely the beautiful night:

This lovely perennial flower shaped’funnel its name from the characteristic that’it s’flourish in the evening and wither in the morning. On the’also known as Four hours, Grass sad or Marvel of Peru

It is the opposite of beautiful day...

Its colors range from red to white through pink and yellow and will d’especially nice if you bring them an organic fertilizer for perennial plant in early spring.

C’Finally an ideal plant for a garden with wild paces.

Malignant Council for the beautiful night:

If you plant directly in the spring, shuffle your garden soil to a special soil flowering plants, it improves the soil and thus the development of your plants!