Bergenia plant cobblers

The Bergenia offers a beautiful flowering when the’winter hardiness and high.

Cultivation, planting and’maintenance are all little things that will help you have beautiful flowers.

Name : Bergenia
Family : Saxifragaceae
Type : Vivace

: 30 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : December to April

Plantation of Bergenia:

Planting bergenia to’autumn for flowering in December.

It is also possible to plant spring on condition’water regularly in the beginning.

A situation sunny winter is essential to your bergenia even bloom. But it will need’summer shade So the ideal situation is to put in foot of deciduous trees.

  • You can mix your land to a special planting soil to improve fertility and therefore flowering
  • Attention, however with too rich soil that can alter flowering
  • Multiplication by division of the tuft in March or April just after flowering.

Size, maintenance Bergenia:

The bergenia is to’SINCE great hardiness’it resists the coldest temperatures without any problems.

  • Cut flowers wilted in as.
  • Remove the dried leaves at the foot of the plant.
  • Sprinkle in case of shortage’water

If your bergenia does not flower c’is probably that’he too rich soil and / or that’it lacks the sun’winter.

  • If c’is the case, you must move your bergenia has the’autumn

Namely the Bergenia:

Native to China, c’is’one of the few plants that flourish in the month of December, with an extension until’at the end of’winter.

The plant that’also called ear’bear or’grass cobblers form beautiful wide leaves with pretty pink flowers gathered in clusters.

Very resistant to most diseases,

Council for malignant Bergenia:

This perennial is hardy and requires almost no maintenance while ensuring a nice effect to your borders, rockeries or your bank!