Invasive bamboos, what solutions

If the bamboo has in recent years largely found their place in our gardens, it n’nevertheless a subject to be monitored, the risk of becoming invasive.

The growth of bamboo must be limited if’we do not want that the garden becomes a virgin forest.

What are the ways’prevent bamboo become invasive? Are there non-creeping varieties?

Here are answers to enjoy this beautiful bamboo without suffering the inconvenience.

  • Here are our tips for cultivate your bamboo

Opposing the growth of’invasive bamboo

Invasive bamboos, what solutionsThe best technique to prevent the bamboo becomes pervasive remains by far the establishment of’an anti-rhizome barrier at the plantation.

This barrier plastic, concrete, wood or metal must s’press d’at least 60 cm in the soil and exceed 10 cm above the ground level.

Warning, if you use wood or metal, it is quite possible that’with time matter eventually disintegrate and the solution no longer makes its effect.

The method we recommend is then the’purchase’anti rhizome barrier sold in roll, and measuring 0.3 to 0.8 cm’thickness.

  • Then simply dig a hole 60 cm
  • Arrange the barrier around, fill with soil and plant your bamboo.
  • Be careful that the junction of the roller leaves no day and for that, although tape the two parts together.
  • Bamboos will turn around the film, up to the surface and stay within the barrier establishment

The rhizome down usually not beyond 40 cm deep but as a precaution, the depth of 60 cm is recommended in order to’avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Overcoming d’invasive bamboo

We did not tell you and you have planted bamboos your unprotected and anti rhizome barrier and want to get around.

The roots can travel several meters before leaving earth as spears.

C’is how some bamboos planted near the property line end push the neighbor...

  • First remove the shoots as that’it grows
  • To delete a spear simply break sharply with the hand
  • Give him no IPER, the goal is to fatigue the
  • A force, bamboo s’exhausted and eventually give up over you.

Finally, for really invasive bamboos planted for years, only the method of remove the strain is effective.

  • At’Using’a shovel, dig in the strain and within that can go up’10 m around the stump
  • If it remains shoots will continue to grow and invade you

Choose varieties of non-invasive bamboo, called non-spreading

There are also many varieties of bamboo in fargesias including the so-called non-spreading.

These bamboos have the’advantage of staying compact and their roots grow around the strain and no further.

Among the varieties of non-spreading bamboo, here are some names:

  • Fargesia murieliae Bimbo
  • Fargesia angustissima
  • Fargesia scabrida

Here are our tips for cultivate your bamboo