Azaleas good cure

L’azalea, that’it is used indoors or outdoors, enchants early spring.

L’maintenance, planting at the waist through the’spray should allow you to’have beautiful flowers.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Rhododendron
Family : Ericaceae
Type : Shrub

: 50 to 120 cm
Exposure : Partial shade and shadow
Ground : Acid, peaty soil

: Evergreen
Flowering : April-May

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Plantation of’Azalea:

It is important to not too expose’Azalea sun and preferably choose partial shade.

  • L’azalea needs to push heathland
  • The soil should be well drained as c’is a shrub that hates’backwater
  • Follow the advice of planting ericaceous plants

To’have spectacular flowering, n’Please add the’heather fertilizer for plants.

Maintenance’of an azalea’Inside:

L’Azalea d’within which, in general, blooms during’winter is a plant that has been forced, c’that is,’it accelerated its development to bloom earlier.

L’azalea n’is therefore not really a plant of’inside and fears as cold as heating our homes.

The culture of rules to follow maintain its azalea d’Inside:

  • Install’azalea in a place where the temperature does not exceed 15 ° and do not go below 10 °
  • Give him the light but no direct sunlight
  • Water when the soil is dry, without excess, so as not not flood the roots that could rot

Azalea d’inside after flowering:

He n’unfortunately not easy keep a plant that was forced because its life cycle has been disrupted.

But one can try as it can also work very well.

For this,

  • Remove faded flowers from your azalea as.
  • Place your potted azalea in a cool, ideally around 10-15 °.
  • Stop everything watering up’the first drops of the sheets, it takes about 1 month.
  • There will be time to repot your azalea in the land of heather or plant in your garden when all risk of frost has passed.

Even if’normally azalea blooms in spring, it should not bloom again immediately if already potted flowers during’winter.

Size’outdoor azalea:

No size n’is really essential but can s’be necessary, if only to reduce or balance the branches.

Start by removing faded flowers in as to promote’appearance of new buds.

Training Size:

The size of training s’runs during the first 2 or 3 years of’Azalea on young shoots and it aims to encourage branching

  • Pinch new growth with fingernails, just above d’a sheet
  • Renew’operating regularly in order to create the maximum new branches
  • This size l’disadvantage’alter the flowering of’Azalea but it will make it more dense, more robust and floriferous for the following years.,

Cut the’Azalea to reduce or balance the branches:

L’Azalea can carve throughout his life even though it is recommended to cut the minimum to keep a beautiful bloom every year and a natural form.

  • First remove dead wood, fragile branches with little or no leaves.
  • Once wilted flowers, cut just below the stem
  • To reduce the length of the branches, wait for the end of flowering
  • Attention severe pruning your flowering azalea compromises the following

To know about the culture of’Azalea:

This shrub is actually a Small-flowered rhododendron, remarkable for its early spring beautiful, colorful and vibrant flowering.

L’Azalea forms a nice ball that showcases a generous flowering and persistent dark green leaves.

It is one of ericaceous plants such as camellia.

Malignant Council about the’Azalea:

To stimulate the development of’shrub, mulch s foot’tree to maintain’humidity.

Choose preferably an acid such as mulch maritime pine bark.