Attracting useful animals in the garden

At’Time of sustainable development and protection of’environment, the presence of animals and insects in the garden becomes a necessity.

If you prefer to use "entomophages" (eaters’insects) living rather than chemical insecticides, here are some tips to attract and retain the useful animals in your garden.

Birds, hedgehogs, beetles, etc. 

Attract birds

Attracting useful animals in the gardenTo attract beneficial birds (robins, crossbill, nuthatch, chickadee, goldfinch, etc.), favor trees producing seeds and achenes (Acorns, walnuts, beechnuts and hazelnuts), conifers and fruit trees.

They will serve them both restaurant and hotel.

Feel free to ignore your flower garden just for the flowers mounted seeds used to feed the sparrows.

And winter, consider offering them oilseeds and fat.

Banish any chemical treatment that might poison them.

Attract hedgehogs in the garden

Attracting useful animals in the gardenEndangered because of pesticides and cars, hedgehogs are valuable aids to the garden, because they feed on grubs and molluscs that eat the roots of our vegetables.

To accommodate the garden, offer an environment with lots of woods where he can hide for example. Never burn your pile of dead leaves without checking a hedgehog hiding there.

Same when you trim your hedge. In winter, give him apples or cat food, but never milk (risk of diarrhea).

Finally, banish your garden pesticides and slug pellets, which poison.

Attract beneficial insects

Attracting useful animals in the gardenTo remove aphids without harming the’environment, nothing beats a colony of beetles.

But the "beasts in God" are not only beneficial insects.

Protect as lacewings, bumblebees, bees and solitary wasps, hoverflies, earwigs (earwigs) and beetles offering them a "hotel" to hibernate.

There are small wooden buildings breakthroughs hideouts in gardening stores, or you can make one yourself.


Pierrick Gardener

Visual Credits: Insect Transmission Truffaut - Hotel for insects Neudorff