Japanese Aucuba a beautiful evergreen shrub

L’Aucuba of Japan is a beautiful shrub, also the pretty’was that’Winter with its beautiful red berries.

L’maintenance, planting size, allow you to’improve its growth and development.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Aucuba japonica
Family : Garryacées
Type : Shrub

: 1-3 m
Exposure : Partial shade and shadow
Ground : Ordinary but cool

: Evergreen
Flowering : November to April

Plantation of’Aucuba of Japan:

L’Aucuba is one of the shrubs that n’have not need a lot of sun to grow and is perfect for shady areas.

Emphasize the‘fall to plant and keep a space between each plant from 80 to 100 cm if plant a hedge.

For spring planting, n’Remember to’sprinkle generously to facilitate early recovery.

  • Follow the advice of planting Gardening malignant.

Size’Aucuba of Japan:

In hedge, prefer size spring at the end of flowering.

  • Find our council hedge trimming

Insulated, no size n’is necessary, but you can balance or reduce the branches in spring

Avoid at all costs to prune it to’autumn because you will remove the same time the’appearance of pretty little bays that remain on the’shrub throughout the’winter.

Namely on’Aucuba of Japan:

This shrub is a essential in our gardens. It has the double benefit of keeping her pretty variegated leaves throughout the’year and bays, small red balls throughout the’winter.

Its hardiness makes it a shrub very resistant to diseases as well as’pollution if you live in the city.

Malignant Council about the’Aucuba of Japan:

Fruiting n’occurs if you put a male and a female walking the walk’next to the’other.

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