In the realm of basil, perfumes are kings


It is a place whereù basil is king… In its basil farm, locatedée à few steps from the village of Roussillon, in the Vaucluse, Catherine Pisani grows basils worldwide…

Éevocative of distant controlées, they s’call ‘‘Green Russian’’, ‘‘Greek’’, ‘‘New Guinée’’ or ‘‘Thaï Siam queen’’… Yet they are produced in the veryœheart of Provence in a garden that is their entièlarly dédié.

This Éden of’Ocimum basilicum emerged grâthis à a passionateée, Catherine Pisani, who for près d’a dozen’années, spends most of his time à this aromatic plant in all its forms, colors and scents.

Aujourd’hui, it can boast posséder thirty variétés around the world. A number that s’of apparentésormais more à a collection that’à a simple traditional culture, même if this farmer unconventional goes directly to the marketés farmers of the région, à Apt or Coustellet or auprès Restaurant of réregion to sell its olfactory réharvests.

Virus collection

To déhand, nothing yet destined to à make its activityé main. It all startedé with some basil feet ‘Greek’ for home cooking. L’année following it ramèto do’other variétés d’Italy c’left !

She grabs the « virus collector ». That of dédevour sp catalogsécialisés à the search for new speciesèand these à order not without excitement more original one than the other seeds.

A culture of basil in the rèrules of’art

In the realm of basil, perfumes are kingsDès the dépurpose of the spring, Catherine Pisani makes his seedlings in rèrules of’art.

À from new Ratchet seedsées each annéto e éavoid wild hybridization, it performs its seedlings in a greenhouse and a heating table order’offer à its basilisks in the making, the’the most favorable environment à germination.

The following month, she procèfrom à first planting balled and’land settlement is in May, accompanied by’an irrigation nénecessary in these lands méridionales !

One month afterès, the time of Premièr reséharvests a Ringeré. Catherine Pisani prélèvera throughout the’été the Sommités plant for making its aromatic bouquets sold on the marketsés !

The basil farm is toésormais prêyou à to décover at its finest public spécimens. From July 1 to October 1, it opens its doors and offers à its visitors guided toursées and three eveningées spécial dépistou soup tastings.