Bedside vegetables dt

If the summer is very hot, watch the vegetables in the garden and adopt these simple, organic gestures to ensure a good harvest.

In times of drought, install a drip irrigation system to drop by burying bottles pierced near the feet of tomatoes, eggplant or peppers.

If temperatures exceed 30 °, protect them from the sun tomato plants with insect veil: a hot air dries out the skin and prevents the ripening of unripe fruits.

Provide water troughs to prevent the birds come poking your tomatoes to drink.

Against mildew in the garden

There decoction of horsetail is a good option to prevent attacks mildew  your plants tomatoes.

You can cook for yourself:

  1. Leave "marinate" 100 g of fresh horsetail in one liter of cold water for 24 hours.
  2. Boil for 20 minutes then dilute the mixture into 20 liters of water before spraying your plants.
  3. The silica in horsetail strengthen their natural defenses.

If the weather is wet and cool, and the fruits are still green, dealing with the Bordeaux mixture.

Put simply, you can set a plastic film above the cultivation to protect it from rain.

  1. If the fungus occurs, immediately turn off the leaves and stems affected and burn.
  2. Étêtez the top of the stems to stop the formation of fruit, because they will have more time to mature.

Recommended, mulching vegetables

The cracks which appear on tomatoes the approach of the harvest are growth slots. They occur when a rainy period follows a period of dry weather is not conducive to growth.

  1. To avoid this, mulch your tomato plants with dry grass clippings or your vegetable waste.
  2. Good Mulching protects the foliage of germs contained in the soil.
  3. It avoids compaction while limiting the evaporation of water and the removal of weeds.
  4. Think however to renew regularly.

M.-C. H.

Visual Credit: Phovoir