Fine and subtle asparagus

L’Asparagus is a vegetable with fine taste and subtle whose culture requires some precautions.

If the different varieties have early or late crops, c’is usually in the spring that’they are enjoyed.

Follow our tips for a good harvest and to prevent diseases.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Asparagus officinalis
Family : Asparagaceae
Type : Vegetable, perennial

Height : 80 to 140 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Light, well drained

Harvest In spring, when the shoots emerge from the soil

Planting asparagus:

Are distinguished 2 types’asparagus, l’white asparagus and’green asparagus. 2 is grown in the same manner.

In the month of February to April, it is important to plant asparagus online and preferably in the wind.

L’Asparagus is thus a greedy prior soil fertilization is necessary.

  • Prefer sandy soil because they heat up faster
  • Avoid wetlands
  • You will comply with a distance between each plant 50 to 60 cm and 1.5 m between each line.

There planting asparagus is done with the young tufts from seedlings that’claw called.

  • The first year, made a trench 2 to 3 cm deep and remove the claws deep in your trench,
  • Then cover a few inches of compost or good fine soil
  • then indulge with the garden soil.

Seedlings, wait for’next year to put in place

Culture of’Asparagus:

The cultivation of asparagus s’done in 2 stages because they can not beings harvested in the first year.

To go faster you can buy directly from plants already have 2 years.

  • The first year, it covers the clutches of 2 to 3 cm of soil,
  • The second year is slightly covers the clutches of 15 to 20 cm of soil

Thus, once in place, you can harvest your asparagus for nearly 15 years.

With respect to l’spray, l’Asparagus needs’Water regularly, but hates’backwater.

Harvest asparagus:

L’Asparagus should be harvested when’it is still tender and cut with a gouge asparagus.

It is even better to’wait 3 years before starting to harvest to allow the plant to grow in the early years of his life.

Namely on asparagus:

Fine and subtle asparagusThis vegetable is particularly rich in vitamin C, but he is best known for its finesse and subtle and delicious taste.

The taste of asparagus depends’Moreover essentially of nature of the soil and wealth in organic matter.

Thus, the clays give them a rather bitter taste.

To enjoy it, eat them as soon as possible as soon as’they have been cut, c’is the guarantee’better flavor.

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Malignant Council about the’Asparagus:

Bring a compost to’fall to promote’nutrient intake.