Arum calla flowering of any beauty

L’arum or calla is undoubtedly’one of the best bulb flowers.

From planting to size, each gesture’maintenance involved in normal development and flowering of’arum.

In short, that’you should know:

Name: Zantedeschia aethiopica
Family: Aracacées
Type: Perennial bulbous

Height: 50 to 100 cm
Exhibition: Sun, partial shade
Soil: Rich, well drained

Flowering: June to October

Follow our tips for beautiful lilies:

Plantation of’Arum:

The bulbs of’lilies are planted from the early spring 4-5 cm depth, from March to May

  • Keep a distance’about 30 to 40 cm between each bulb because the’Arum has broad leaves and needs’space.
  • Choose sunny but not hot.
  • Beware of too dry soils because the’Arum needs’a soil cool and moist.

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Watering arum:

Water bit at the beginning then regularly as the’flowers appear, up’at the end of the flowering period.

L’arum grows very well at the edge of’a piece of’water and indicates its large water requirement.

Like all the bulbs that bloom’summer, sprinkle in the event of prolonged drought or heat waves.

Size, maintenance of lilies:

  • Mow from the first frost.
  • Do not cut before full leaf yellowing, because c’that's when’they constitute reserves for the next flowering.

For spectacular flowering, add the’fertilizer special bulbs.

Protect’arum in winter:

L’arum or calla fairly resistant the freshness of’ winter.

In areas further north, protect the rhizomes putting a good layer of mulch.
Mulch, you can use dried leaves, flakes of hemp or linen or alternatively ferns.

Trick Before the’Winter, collect part of the rhizome you put pot in your house and you will have the lilies in winter.

Arum pot, how’maintain:

Once the foliage is completely faded, you can cut the leaves to the shortest.

  • Remove the bulb from its pot, taking care to clean the little earth who’surrounds.
  • Install for’winter in a cool but where it will not freeze throughout the’winter
  • This place must also be well dry and light, a small breakthrough shoe box for example.
  • The March, you can out your bulb and replanted in new soil.
  • Then resume watering when the soil is dry and your arum flower again.

You can do the same operation without removing the bulb are pot but the soil must be renewed approximately every 2 years.

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Namely on’Arum:

This perennial bulb originating’South Africa and not’Ethiopia as its Latin name the’says.

Particularly exotic, it is perfectly adapted to wetlands like pieces’water, but will also be the perfect plant for your beds, borders or isolated clump.

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While pronouncing itself as a flavoring, c’arum is that’we write!

Malignant Council about the lilies:

These flowers are pure wonders, by the end of flowering, take a few stems and put them in a beautiful vase!