Arabis a basket of money in the spring

L’Arabis is a herbaceous plant beautiful blooming in spring time, offering delicate white flowers.

L’Maintenance is easy and decorative character quite suitable as ground cover.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Arabis Alpina
Family : Cruciferae
Type : Vivace

: 30 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Light, well drained

: Evergreen
Flowering : April to June

Planting and seeding of’Arabis:

L’Arabis likes well-drained soils and grows well in sandy soil.

She loves good sunny situations but tolerates light shade.


Planting takes place without Preferably at spring or to’autumn.

Remember to water regularly if you plant early in the spring and especially in summer.

  • Multiplication transplanting young plants grown stolons


The seedlings’Arabis in the spring.

Sow under glass in avoiding direct sunlight.

Maintenance of’Arabis:

L’Arabis's culture and’easy maintenance. Simple monitoring its progression is usually sufficient to prevent that’it becoming invasive.

Remove faded flowers at as if you wish but this operation n’is not necessary

The foliage is evergreen it n’not need to fall back after flowering.

Namely on’Arabis:

The Arabis name is named after Carl Von Linne naturist. He saw a similarity between the desert’Saudi and sand in which this flower liked particularly.

It will be particularly development on the edge of massive, planter but also rock and talus.

She is courted by our friends bees and s’combines particularly well with my bluebells and aubri├Ętes.

As’candytuft, it is called to basket’money for its abundant white flowers.

Malignant Council about the’Arabis:

Trash d’No money’no need’be watered during’... was a good point for savings’water and our planet!