Areca palm a pretty dintrieur

What maintenance for areca, how and when to repot, no watering and what diseases.

Here are the questions that’when it arises’was fortunate’have a wonderful Aréca.

Find all our councils’maintenance’a Aréca:

Name : Chrysalidocarpus
Family : Palmaceae
Type : Palm Tree, Plant for’inside

: 1.5 to 2.5 m in buildings
Exposure Very light
Ground : Soil
Foliage : Evergreen

Planting and repotting of’areca:

Pot or pan:

L’Aréca calls for good soil you eventually will mix with 1/3 compost if you have.
In order to facilitate drainage, have at the bottom of the pot’a gravel bed, small stones or beads’clay.

This allows’prevent the roots lying in the’water, which could be fatal.

  • Install your Aréca thus in a good sized pot filled with special soil of plants’inside or green plant.
  • Although’it is necessary to repot in spring every 2-3 years out of it, prefer surfacing Regular perfectly fill the needs of the plant growing medium.

Outdoors :

Generally, the’Aréca only not tolerate the cold and may not be planted in the ground when the climate is mild the’winter.

As for planting in pots n’Feel free to ask a bed of gravel, pebbles or beads’clay to facilitate drainage.
Then you will plant in a soil mixture of garden soil and sand.

Install areca the right place:

In our climate, l’Aréca s’suits the’inside our homes and our apartments.
It grows well when the temperature is around 18-22 ° and requires very good light and even a slight sun.
Behind glass, it is better avoid too much sun exposure which could dry the’Aréca.

It therefore prefer the proximity’a window facing the’west to the dip of the maximum brightness.

If you live in a rather dark place, to avoid’buy Aréca because it should not be too bear the’absence of light.

Watering’an areca:

Throughout the’year, it is important to regular fogging of’water on the foliage to recreate the conditions of its natural environment which is rather humid.

In spring and summer:

He s’These are generally the growing period for’Aréca.
Water regularly, leaving the soil to dry on the surface between two waterings.

L’Watering should be regular but measured so as not to suffocate the roots of the plant.
We can say that’a water every 2 to 3 days is often necessary.

Every 15 days, you can bring it to the’liquid fertilizer, taking care to moisten the soil before.

In autumn and winter

It starts with Gently reduce watering because the plant has more limited needs.
As soon as the soil becomes dry a few centimeters, water so wet all the soil.

We can say that 2-3 months watering should be more than enough.
But it also depends on’location of your Areca s’it is in full sun, needs may be greater.

Finally, it is necessary to stop any supply of’fertilizer in the month of’October and up’in March-April.

Namely on’areca:

L’areca is a beautiful palm tree s’adapts very well to indoor growing, apartment or house.

Both aesthetic and very resistant easy to grow, it is part of the plants’Inside the most popular and best-selling.

His elegant foliage and gives a touch’exotic to her living room, stay or any other room in the house well lit.

Diseases and parasites of’Aréca:

Distorted leaves:

He s’is undoubtedly of’a lack of light or’an excess’water.

  • So find it a brighter place and reduce watering by following our advice above.

The leaves turn yellow:

If the plant continues to make new leaves, it s’is the’natural evolution of your Aréca. Trees, even when’they are persistent, lose their leaves to renew them.

  • You can leave your dry Aréca and drop or cut them so as.
  • If no new growth appears and your palm is frown, pay attention to the’irrigation and drainage and possibly bring the plant liquid fertilizer every 15 days.

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